Our Dream for Medicine

To restore the supremacy of the Doctor/Patient Relationship in the USA

As a practicing physicians, we unite around the principle of keeping your clinical judgement free from outside influence, be they Government or third party payers like Insurance.

  • The Doctor/Patient Relationship - Nothing is more uniquely American than the drive for local control with power decentralized to We the People.  Nothing needs the expression of this freedom more than the local, personal, and private relationship of care between a doctor and their patient... (more)

  • A Medical Age of Excellence - Imagine Health Care Set Free.  For too long there has been no unified national voice of physicians advocating for the proven principles that fire the engines of creativity, competition, research, and development in the cradle of American liberty... (more)

  • A New Medical Society - Imagine a legion of actually practicing physicians on the front lines of medicine and delivery of care uniting to advocate for the principles that protect the physician and not ongoing Government and Insurance contracts. 

Imagine a world... (more)

The present system is collapsing on itself and the PPACA is accelerating the process.  We all, as Physicians, have the solutions.  Join our Medical Society and ensure the country heeds our Prescription.


Membership in our Society

The practice of medicine in America is at a historical crossroads as a result of unrestrained government interference, the bureaucracy of third party payers, a lottery medical liability system and the ineffective representation by our professional societies.

Physicians only, NOT career politicians and special interest groups, must determine the future of our profession and our ability to care for patients.

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